Corporate Team Volunteering

We offer corporate teams a unique opportunity to make a real difference and light the spark of creativity for marginalised young people. 

We welcome teams of up to 10 at a time who want to help turn things around for a group of young people by volunteering as writing tutors. 

Participating in our workshops is loads of fun and extremely rewarding. Volunteers need no special skills. All that's required is confidence with English, a desire to work with young people, and a sense of fun.

gain A sense of achievement

Not only do volunteers get to experience the thrill of the creative process, but they also share in the sense of achievement and joy our young writers gain in every workshop. Corporate teams gain a collective sense of achievement from having worked together to give back to the community and make a real difference.

Corporate Team Volunteering involves a 90-minute training session, which includes team problem-solving, creative writing exercises, and more, followed by participation in a workshop as writing tutors. In most cases, training and tutoring take place on the same day, or other arrangements can be made to suit.

After team members have completed training and one workshop - and discovered how fun and rewarding it is to volunteer at the Sydney Story Factory - they are free to become part of our permanent volunteers corps. You are welcome to participate in subsequent workshops, at any time, for as long as you want to.

To find out more about Corporate Team Volunteering with Sydney Story Factory click HERE. Or email Amber to discuss available dates and lead times:

But don't just take our word for it...

A team of space lawyers (yes, space lawyers) from Optus took part in a corporate volunteering day at the Martian Embassy and tutored a group of Indigenous teens from Broome, taking part in a NASCA Newspaper Workshop. They were pretty chuffed with the whole experience:

We had a great time meeting and working with a bunch of fabulous girls – it was a privilege to meet them. From a team point of view, I think we all shared a special experience together which makes us reflect on the way we do things. In our work there are often opportunities to bring out the creative best in people around us, but as lawyers, we aren’t trained to work in this way. We’ll be encouraging our team to use these kinds of skills in our daily work. An activity like this gives our sometimes staid profession permission to use the creative parts of ourselves in our work.
Donna Lawler, Optus