Teacher Workshop Evaluation (interim)

Our professional evaluators collected and analysed all our post-workshop surveys for 2016, to help us reflect on how we've gone this year based on feedback from participants.

Summary of Findings

  • The results for the Sydney Story Factory were extremely positive. Workshop participants clearly both enjoyed their experiences in the workshops, and felt that they had acquired skills as a result of their attendance.
  • The practical nature of the workshops came through as a main positive for respondents.
  • While many were unable to suggest how the workshops they attended could be improved (23%), the main suggestions for future improvement was simply to spend more time on workshop exercises (28%).
  • Overall, the key outtakes include:
    • 100% satisfaction (either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’) with the workshops;
    • An outstanding 'net promoter score' (of 67) – suggesting that extremely positive word of mouth recommendations will result;
    • 100% agreement that the workshop content had direct application in their classrooms.

This interim report is based on 181 completed questionnaires. To read more, it's been uploaded here: Teacher Workshop Evaluation: Interim Read (PDF)