My Environmentally Friendly Planet by Eve

The Environment

·      There would be electric cars, for example Tesla.

·      There would be no plastic.

·      Everything would be biodegradable.

·      There would be no paper and that would mean animals would have a place to live.

·      Everyone would have computers, laptops or tablets.

·      Everyone would have keep cups.

·      Plastic bags would be banned.

·      Everyone would use solar electricity.

·      Everyone should turn the lights off when they do not need to be on.

·      Everything would be made to last a long time so you will not need to buy new things.



On my planet I would have a space grey MacBook Pro with Touch bar. I like the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar because it has Touch ID and the Touch Bar looks really cool. The one thing I cannot live without is my iPhone 5c.



On my planet I would work at Tesla Motors. I would help people choose the right Tesla. My favourite car is Tesla because they use electricity. Last year I got to go for a test-drive in a Tesla Model S and I enjoyed it. Tesla Model S is my dream car.



On my planet you wouldn’t have to go to school. You will be able to learn things at your own pace digitally. While you are learning things you can wear pyjamas. You can eat whenever you want .You would be home schooled, you would do your work online. You would be able to choose what you want to learn.



Free Time

On my planet you would have lots of free time to do whatever you want, like hanging out with your friends, watching videos on YouTube, messaging friends from America on Facebook and also writing stories.


I would cook in my free time, pancakes and cake. I would like to cook with my friends. I would go to the beach because I get to go swimming and sit on the sand. The beach would be calm and there would not be too many people. There would be lots of fish in the water because there is no pollution.


Other random facts:

·               You will be able to learn how to drive at 15 and a half.

·               There would be no dentists.

·               There would be unlimited sushi, orange and Apple Juice.

·               My second favourite car is Ford Mustang.