Dramatic Monologue By Phoenix

Dramatic Monologue
By Phoenix

Sitting on my porch and watching my grandkids play with their parents made me smile. The trees whispering their secrets into the air, the drone of cars and the sound of birds singing their sweet songs were rising and echoing around the yard. And loud laughter mixing with the sound of a dog barking. All these sounds reminded me that I was home and happy. I used to be foreign to the sound of laughter, considering that my parents never let me go outside and kept me indoors. Well, they let me go to school, but I never made any friends, I just sat in a lonely corner of the playground, watching other kids play and talk. But I stuck throughout until I was finally old enough to leave home.

I then moved into an apartment, supporting myself with my job, but after a while I began to get lonely and my apartment got too small.  So I adopted some kids and moved into a new house. I loved taking care of my kids and my life was finally complete, with the exception of my parents. But I don’t worry them anymore. All I need are my kids, my family, and then I’ll be happy.