The fear of writing

SSF Volunteer of the Month, Rita Khouri, faces her fear

I can’t believe the first words I have written down during this writing challenge is for this blog.

I’ve been volunteering at Sydney Story Factory since 2014 and have been fortunate to see students go from struggling, to expressing an idea on paper, to writing a full blown story. I sit there wishing that I could join in the fun.

Now I can through the Pen to Paper Challenge. This could be the catalyst to reignite my childhood love for writing.

If only it was that easy.

Here’s how the journey has actually unfolded. I conveniently broke my laptop the day before the launch. It didn’t take much for the excuses to begin. Why am I struggling to write anything? I know I’m a bit rusty. Did I peak at eight years old when I wrote my 99 page novel ‘Snow Black and the 7 Robbers’?

I realised that I’m scared.

I put myself in the shoes of our Sydney Story Factory students at their first workshop. I thought about the advice I usually give them. Who are you writing for?

So I decided my target audience is… me.

At the end of the day at least I know this reader will like it. 

Rita needs all the support an encouragement you can give her. Click through to her Everyday Hero page and chip in a donation now.