Hurtling towards the finish line

Pen to Paper Ambassador Ben Law is feeling the burn

Hello! So my Pen to Paper goal has been to write the TV scripts for Series 2 of The Family Law (which, pending natural or emotional disasters, will be on SBS in 2017) is going swimmingly.

We’re hurtling towards the finish line with the scripts now, which is a relief, but also means we’re pushing extra harder and filing script revisions every single day.

As I said to my producers, it feels like we’re in a marathon.

We’re feeling the lactic acid in our muscles, we’re half-crying most of the time and kind of need to go to the toilet, but that isn’t an option. 

And while I’d usually warn people off distractions, regular breaks have been necessary to keep me falling into the heap.

Mine have involved food, swims, and watching the latest episodes of The Real Housewives of Auckland, which is an objectively horrible show you should all be watching.

Hope you’re all slaying those writing goals too, but also going easy on yourselves.

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