Finishing is worth the hairpulling

Pen to Paper Challenge Ambassador Jaye Ford pushes past halfway

Halfway through September and I’m a little behind on my word count!

I got off to a bumpy start when my mum landed in hospital the day before the Pen to Paper Challenge started. She was doing great, though, so I packed my laptop and tapped out a few hundred words from the hospital cafe.

We’ve both been there before and I know that stress can make the words play hide and seek so I tried to focus on getting ideas down, leaving the better sentences to when I was calmer.

I’ve got a lot of words down now … and a lot to go.

Halfway is my least favourite part of a novel – I’m over the flush of new-story excitement, the thrilling ending is months away and I’m stuck in plot hell! Characters wander off, ideas go stale and there’s no way out of the what-happens-next maze. It’s the reason I have twenty unfinished novels in a drawer.

Finishing is worth the hair pulling, though.

The satisfaction is great – but that first chapter, those tough scenes, that weird bit I wasn’t sure about? I know what to do with them once the ending is written.

So I’m keeping myself chained to the keyboard to see how this book finishes!

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