UnMapping: Charting new paths to creativity

Rolling out over 2017 and 2018, Unmapping: Charting new paths to creativity is a huge two-year project being run in conjunction with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), where primary and secondary students are developing creative stories with visual artists as mentors.

Throughout this program, students are encouraged to find the links between different forms of creative exploration and expression, and to question and deconstruct restrictive formulas and habits that we can all fall into when attempting the intimidating act of creating something new.

Artists lead workshops supported by experienced MCA Artist Educators at the MCA, and storytelling workshops are led by Sydney Story Factory storytellers assisted by volunteer tutors.

Unmapping also sees the development of four new artworks by leading contemporary Australian artists. Each piece is installed in the window of Sydney Story Factory for a full term, so that others can continue the interactive adventure.

Our Journey So Far - 2017...

So far, students have embarked on a journey through the creative process, tracking the development, creation, and reflection of professional visual artists, and remoulding the artists’ practices into their own creative writing.


Ella Condon, an artist who primarily works with expanded and experimental forms of photography, video and installation, worked with students from Plunkett Street Public School and Canterbury Boys High School for the first phase of this project. Students gave shape to ephemeral concepts such as 'light', 'sound', 'communication', 'happiness', or 'equality', and, through a wide range of creative writing activities and experimentation, tracked Ella's process, and maped their own path to creative expression.

IMG_5143 (1).JPG

In the second project phase, artist Rachel Buch, who works with brightly coloured textiles to create intricate 'nests', worked with students from Granville East Public School and Punchbowl Boys High School. Together they explored Rachel's artwork and visited the Sydney Story Factory and Museum of Contemporary Art to view and discuss works by other artists in relation to their own art making. They explored creative themes such as Daydreaming and Play, Collecting and Assembling, Making the Everyday Magical, Symbols and Rituals, and Your Australiana.

We cannot wait to resume this fantastic project with new artists and new schools in Terms 2 and 4 this year. 

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This program is one of four Foundation Programs that are laying the groundwork for Sydney Story Factory's expansion across Western Sydney, and the opening of Sydney Story Factory Parramatta. It is a run in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and generously supported by The Balnaves Foundation