The Year of the Novella 2016

Over the course of 2016, a select group of young writers was invited to take part in an inaugural year-long writing program at the Sydney Story Factory. Their goal was to produce not just a fistful of poems, or a story, or a script, but a fully realised novella.

These are the finished novellas published and launched at Allen & Unwin on 8 December 2016 (drumroll please):





Silver Lights by Luka Bakota

Danny is an average kid who is stuck in his head most of the time and dislikes the world he sees around him. But when two of his friends are kidnapped, Dan must venture into the depths of a brothel to rescue them. In the process, he is forced to confront himself.








Shadows of a thief by Lisa Choi

Kat is a not-so-ordinary student. At night, when the moon is full, she is a thief who steals for her own family and personal reasons. When Kat gets framed for a murder she didn’t commit, she realises that she needs to work with her enemies and new allies to crack the case. Betrayal and losses will be uncovered. Shocking deaths and hatreds will become entwined. Kat will get lost in the world of mystery and secrets. Will she uncover the clues to reveal the truth?







From A Hole In The Wall by Finbar Clayton

In a world inhabited by giants and monster machines lives a little mouse by the name of Pebble. Living with his family in their comfortable home, Pebble’s world is flipped upside-down with the appearance of a gigantic human. Will Pebble risk his life to protect the ones he loves or will the enormity of the outside world prove too much?









The Adventure to Find a Feather by Phoebe Lu

The witch starts brewing a potion to become immortal but is an ingredient short. She goes out to Egypt to find one of the rarest things on Earth.










A-R-D-E-N by Bindi Mutiara

Life hasn't been smooth sailing for Arden—it's left her confused and unsure about how she fits in the world. Will her winding search through the struggles and revelations of inner city Sydney finally lead to contentment?








Fragments & Shards by Briana Terman

‘Fragments’ is the story of a young boy named Finley, whose life is torn in many different directions, each event triggering an even greater challenge. Finley sets off on a journey to find the truth, and uncover what or who he actually is.

‘Shards’ is about two teenagers, Nathan and Xavier, and how their normally peaceful life is turned upside down when they meet members of a mysterious agency. When one of the teenagers loses control of his power, the consequences will affect both their world and the Underworld.





The Life of a Man Who Was Given Power by Sebastian Wooldridge

This is the story of a man who decides to walk his own path.

Major James Adams has always done what he’s told: Special Forces missions, assassinations, sabotage, HALOing, plane drops.

One day the President gives him a mission that will change his life. The leaders of a special government unit have all been killed, and Major Adams assumes control. Instead of receiving orders, it’s time for him to start giving them.

Browse and stroke and purchase the novellas in person at the Martian Embassy at 176 Redfern Street, Redfern. Or order a copy of your favourite  - or ALL 7! - of these precious gems via the Martian Embassy online.
Or you can print on demand via Booktopia or Fishpond from Jan 2017.
Plus, e-book editions are available via most e-book platforms, including Kobo and Booktopia.

Thank you!

These publications would not have been possible without the editorial teams at Penguin Random House and Allen & Unwin, and David Longfield of Longueville Media.

Thanks also to our generous donors and those who hosted dinners for our ‘Eat Your Words’ fundraising campaign.

A special Martian salute to our guest authors, Edrei Cullen and Holly Throsby, who offered a little extra inspiration.

And, last but certainly not least, thanks to our dedicated volunteers who worked alongside our novella authors every Thursday for the year-long novella writing program:
Luisa Bustos
Jason Gray
Jessica Hannah
Justine Liddy
Alison Lyssa (also our proofreader)
Emma Wortley

On behalf of our novella authors, and the team here at the Sydney Story Factory, we thank you.