Story Factory Weekends

On Sundays in 2018, we are running our third year-long Novella program. It will begin at Bankstown Arts Centre, with support from Bankstown Youth Development Services, then will run at Sydney Story Factory Parramatta when we open in May.

The Novella Program challenges a small group of writers to develop a 20-30,000 word Novella over 12 months with help and support from volunteer tutors and guest editors.

Meanwhile, from Term Two, we will offer creative writing workshops on Saturdays for the young people of Woolloomooloo. These workshops will be aimed at young teenagers who are making the transition to high school, and will be run at the Weave community centre in Woolloomooloo.

Plus, when Sydney Story Factory Parramatta opens in May, we will offer creative writing workshops on Sundays for young people from all over Western Sydney.

Term-long programs, where young people are supported by volunteer writing tutors, will allow young writers to move at their own pace and be encouraged in their writing in an inclusive and supported environment. Programs will be aimed at young people 8-14, and will run in parallel with the school term.