In-School Creative Writing Pilot Program

During Term 4, 2015 we piloted a new concept - a residential pilot where for one a day a week we took over a classroom and brought groups of students through to write, write, write!

We've long been aware of how difficult it can be for schools to bring class groups to Redfern, especially from Western Sydney, so it was time we went to them.  

To trial this new model we partnered with Briar Road Public School, just outside Campbelltown where approximately 30% of students are Aboriginal, as are 17% of the staff. There is a strong community focus, and we've been very excited to work with them and watch this great idea come to life as a huge success.

The students took part in our Now See Hear project, where they worked in groups to create a digital story, complete with their own illustrations, voiceover and sound effects. The stories were on everything from spooky forests to Lamborghinis under the sea. They are absolutely wonderful, and we - and the students - burst with pride at the world premiere screening at their school in early December 2015.

Our Western Sydney In-School Residential Pilot has been made possible thanks to a generous grant from Real Needs Insurance.