Pen Pal Program

The Sydney Story Factory is all about encouraging marginalised young people to write, write, write. For those who can't get to one of our workshops in Redfern, or who have started doing some writing and just don't want to stop, we offer one-to-one tutoring over email.


Young writers are paired with a volunteer writing tutor who will work with them to help them with their writing in whatever ways they need. Maybe they need to bounce some ideas off someone about what should happen next in their story, or maybe they want some tips on how to keep their plot moving forward. Maybe they're at the editing stage and don't know where to start, or maybe they simply need some encouragement to keep on going.

Young writers email their writing through to the Sydney Story Factory and then it's passed on to their tutor. Their tutor returns their comments and ideas, which Sydney Story Factory then emails back to the student. These exchanges can happen as regularly and as often as our young writers want and need. It's like having a personal mentor and writing coach on tap.

"You should see how much energy Sophie has this afternoon having received these reviews! She's a changed girl, in a very positive way. In her words, 'It's just amazing I feel so... (squeals)' - imagine that with lots of flappy hands and arms and prancing and squealing. You get the idea."
Anne, mother of Sophie, Taree

As our mission is focussed on working with  students who could be considered marginalised (this may include students who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, English as an Additional Language or Dialect, or low socio-economic), we are currently only accepting submissions from young writers from these backgrounds. If you know a young writer (7 - 17) who wants a Pen Pal writing tutor, just drop a line to