Future Fictions

Since late 2017, we've been working with students from 2 primary schools and 2 high schools to write cli-fi (climate fiction), imagining the types of challenges and obstacles the future might hold.  The creative results have been astonishing.


In term 4 2017, Belmore Boys High School took part in a  'Speeches from the Future' workshops where students imagined the future in fifty years time. In just a term of workshops, they managed to create a TED Talk style address with a focus on technological and social change! They debated topics like artificial intelligence, extinction of species, super viruses and more!


Building on that fantastic start, we  continued this program in term 1 2018, with students from Liverpool Girls High, as well as primary school students from Belmore South Public and Plunkett Primary.

Students mapped the history of communication technologies (learning what a fax was along the way!) and pitched ideas for what might come next, including hologram watches, fashionable telephonic accessories, and brain and ocular implants for constant online accessibility! 

Year 10 students at Liverpool Girls High School investigated the social, political, cultural, environmental, and emotional impacts of artificial intelligence, social media, and digital surveillance. They then wrote diary entries from someone living 50 years in the future.

Students have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to dream big, think weird, and invent exciting futures for their community.
— Matt Roden, Storyteller.

At Belmore South, students looked at maps of their local community and imagined what local businesses, amenities, and services would be like in fifty years, bringing the future directly into their backyards. They also took photos of local buildings, places they walk past every week, and redesigned them with architectural modifications, accommodating flying cars, hover-boards, population spikes, and intergalactic travel in their surrounding streets. 

The results of these designs and predictions can be viewed on Instagram, @belmoresouth2068, or online here!

Well done to all participating students! We are thoroughly inspired and thrilled that the future is in your hands!


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This workshop program is generously supported by the Adobe Foundation.