Our Mission and Purpose


At the Story Factory our mission is to enrich the lives of marginalised young people through creative writing and storytelling.

We make writing fun and rewarding, boost their confidence and send them back to school and out into the world with the confidence and skills essential for success. We help them find their voice, empower them to make the most of their education, and inspire them to live their lives to their true potential.


Every day, we set out to:

  • Run innovative and fun creative writing programs, with expert teaching and one-on-one tutoring.
  • Encourage young people to communicate ideas, giving them more confidence in their skills, themselves and each other.
  • Create and sustain a vital contribution to the community, by respecting and giving voice to the stories around us.

All our creative writing workshops, projects and programs are designed by creative writing and literacy experts to:

  • increase enjoyment of writing and storytelling; 
  • improve creative and critical thinking; 
  • develop skills in writing and storytelling;
  • build confidence; 
  • deepen engagement with learning;
  • increase a sense of belonging and connection to community; and
  • nurture aspirations.

strategy 2018-2020

Over the next three years our focus is deepening our impacts with young people. This means:

2018 - INTEGRATE our existing and planned operations in Sydney and Western Sydney;
2019 - OUTREACH through targeted and high-impact initiatives;
2020 - GROW through tactical opportunities that we will assess on a case-by-case basis.

Our target outcomes for 2020:

  • Our centres are thriving and working effectively together;
  • We have increased our reach and impact through a combination of large programs and long-term residency programs;
  • We have developed and implemented impact and success frameworks that guide the development of all our programs and are used to make a greater change in the lives of the young people we work with;
  • We have investigated different options for the next stage of our growth and developed a strategic growth strategy.

Read our 2018-20 strategy in full, here.