Fundraise and Spread the Word

By bringing others together and pooling your funds you can make a huge contribution to the lives of many, many marginalised children in one fell swoop.

What's more, by fundraising for us you're helping spread the word about the amazing transformations that happen everyday when young people discover the joy of writing at the Story Factory.

eat your words

You like eating, right? And you like eating with friends? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could eat with friends while simultaneously helping change the lives of marginalised children and teenagers?

Here's the funnest, easiest way to support the Story Factory. Host a dinner in your home (or a picnic in the park, or a morning tea at work) and invite your favourite people to come along and make a donation. The money you raise comes directly to the Story Factory, so all you have to do is cook. We'll also send you awesome placemats, a word game, and some stories by young people to dazzle your guests and give your dinner party a literary edge.

Eat Your Words events are heaps of fun and can raise hundreds of dollars to keep the creativity sparking every day at the Sydney Story Factory. 

In 2018 every Eat Your Words event will help us cover the costs of running our first full year of workshops at Sydney Story Factory Parramatta. We're opening our brand new creative writing centre right at the heart of Western Sydney in May 2018, and you can help us make it a success from Day One.

Ready to plan your menu? Click HERE for more details about how it works. Or go straight to our campaign page on ShoutforGood and register your event now.

If you want to know more, or want to talk through how you want to run your event, send a quick email to Jayne:

everyday hero

Are you an everyday hero? If you're signing up for the Sun-Herald City2Surf, the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon or a number of other highly energetic runs and bike rides you can choose the Sydney Story Factory as the charity you support.

With every step or rotation of your pedals you'll be raising funds to change the lives of marginalised young people who may never have the chance to explore their creativity otherwise.

You can also use Everyday Hero to set up and run your very own fundraising campaign, whatever that may look like.

Create your fundraising campaign at the everydayhero website.


Have another idea for a fundraiser? Organise a film night, hold a bake sale, raise funds at a school fair... whatever works for you. To raise funds for the the Story Factory you just need to check in with us first so that we can give you an official and proper Authority to Fundraise. 

Just email Amber and we'll get everything organised:

Thank you for your support!