Ambassadors of Ink

'Ambassadors of Ink' is the collective noun for our super-volunteers, those who have contributed more than 42 hours* worth of their valuable time across all aspects of the Story Factory.

Some have achieved this milestone through tutoring, some through their tireless work in the shop, some simply through showing up whenever we needed someone to show up and jumping into tasks as varied as painting walls to running community Twitter poems in local parks.

This is our honour roll - we salute you all!

Melanie America, Josephine Arns, Brad Bennett, Stephanie Bennett, Eliza Berlage, Alex Britton, Meg Clune, Kate Cody, Emma Cornish, Susan Crossley, Nina Cullen, Meredith Curnow, Dorothy-Jane Daniels, Amy Denmeade, Erin Dullard, Kate Eginton, Debbie Elkind, Margaret England, Annie Eyres, Wendy Fitzgerald, Ann Foo, Emma Frampton, Delia French, Vanessa Gardos, Mawunyo Gbogbo, David Glover, Ros Gonczi, Carmel Grimmett, Vibha Gulati, Jessica Hannah, Lia Hollemans, Anthony Hunt, Deb Jackson, Matthew Joseph, Rik Jurcevic, Chantel Jurcevic, Uma Kali Shakti, Anastasia Kellner, Linda Krestensen, Justine Liddy, Meg Madden, Margaret McGregor, Marie McMillan, Helen McNeil, Suzanne Mealing, Deb Michels, Sue Morton, Catherine Nash, Alison O'Brien, Robbie Oppenheimer, Megan Owens, Lorena Param, Anne Plummer, Jacquelin Plummer, Miles Portek, Philip Putnam, Carol Quast, Pip Rasmussen, Michelle Robertson, Mira Schlosberg, Amanda Seijas, Marguerite Simonsen, Andrea Sophocleous, Tiana Stefanic, Katherine Thompson, Inga Topolnicki, Lesley Treleaven, Margaret Tung, Harriet Vietch, Steph Walker, Jill Wilson, Neil Wilson, Petra Wilson-Jones, Emma Wortley, Holly Zwalf.

* Why 42 hours? Because 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. Of course.