Welcome to Sydney Story Factory.

We're a not-for-profit that runs creative writing and storytelling workshops for marginalised young people aged 7 to 17. Supported by our community of expert storytellers and volunteer tutors, young people are empowered to create stories of all kinds, which we publish and celebrate. Young people develop the skills and confidence to find their voice and shape the future.



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Martian Embassy

Made on mars

The Martian Embassy and Gift Shop is the retail arm of the Sydney Story Factory, a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people in Redfern, Sydney. 

Make a Difference Now

donate or become a sydney story factory inkwell 

You can change young lives right now by making a donation or becoming a Sydney Story Factory Inkwell - give a regular gift so that one more marginalised child can attend a workshop every month.

Classroom Creativity 

professional development for teachers

Complete one (or all!) of our four NESA-endorsed workshops and take the best of what we've learned in nearly six years of creative writing workshops back to your own classroom....