UnMapping: Charting new paths to creativity

Starting in Term 2 of 2017, Unmapping: Charting new paths to creativity is a huge two-year project in conjunction with the MCA where primary and secondary students will develop creative stories with artists and writers as mentors.

Artists will lead workshops supported by experienced MCA Artist Educators at the MCA and storytelling workshops will be held by SSF workshop leaders and assisted by volunteers at the SSF. Unmapping will also lead to the development of four new artworks by leading contemporary Australian artists to be installed in the SSF over the program period.

Students will embark on a journey through the creative process, tracking the development, creation, and reflection of a professional visual artist, and remoulding the artists’ practices into their own creative writing journey.

This program is a run in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and generously supported by The Balnaves Foundation