Community Partner Programs

To make sure we're providing creative writing opportunities for the young people who most stand to benefit we run a number of workshop programs specially tailored for partner organisations.

nasca workshops

The National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) brings groups of Indigenous teenagers (years 10 - 12) to Redfern from all over Australia, including rural and remote communities, to participate in week-long 'CareerFit' residential camps. During a packed and exciting a week students get to experience all that a big city has to offer and are introduced to the wide and diverse range of post-school options available to them. They work on putting together a CV and start to think about what comes next in their lives.

Towards the end of each camp NASCA brings visiting teens to the Martian Embassy for a two-hour writing workshop, where they put together a group newspaper, journal or zine of their week, complete with articles, images, headlines and, if they're lucky, a few stray celebrity selfies.

Pyjama Foundation Workshops

The Pyjama Foundation pairs children in foster care with 'Pyjama Angels', who meet with them once a week to read and share the joys of books and reading.

As an extension of this program, we run workshops especially for these pairs of word-lovers, where for one evening a week, for eight weeks, the Angels become creative writing tutors and work with their buddies on creating a piece of imaginative writing.

Our Pyjama Foundation workshops are made possible thanks to the generous support of the Barbara Alice Trust.