Matraville Sports High School Creative Writing Challenge

In 2016 spent a whole year with the students of Matraville Sports High School. In the Matraville Sports High School Creative Writing Challenge we helped and inspired two classes of students each term to finish a piece of creative writing more fully realised than anything they had written before.

Matraville Sports High School is a community-centred school striving to find innovative ways to engage students. Most live locally, 30% are Indigenous, and a high proportion are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Many come from across Sydney to participate in the school’s accelerated sports programs.

Each term, in two parallel 8 week workshop series, students were immersed in writing in various genres: radio plays, multimedia pieces drawing together writing and photography, stories based around a significant day in the year (for our State of Mind project), or writing up stories of local personalities and community elders.

Each term-long workshop series concluded with students’ finished work being celebrated in publication. Then, at the end of the year, our students’ challenging, rewarding year of creative writing and storytelling culminated in a grand performance where they all come together to present their work on stage to their peers, teachers, family, friends, supporters and community members.

This program is being supported by the Sydney Community Foundation.