Donate and Change Young Lives

Ready to make a donation? Thank you so much for supporting the Sydney Story Factory. Your gift will light the spark of creativity and help marginalised young people find their voice. 

At the Sydney Story Factory we run creative writing and storytelling workshops for young people aged 7 to 17. Our focus is young people who are Indigenous, from language backgrounds other than English, from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, or marginalised in other ways. Under the guidance of our expert storytellers, and with the support of volunteer writing tutors, young people are encouraged to unleash their imaginations and write stories of all kinds. They leave with the skills and confidence essential for future success.

A gift of $30 could change a child's life. Please use the form below to make a one-off donation, or to become a Sydney Story Factory Inkwell with a recurring monthly gift of $30 or more. Thank you!

Making a donation to help us open Sydney Story Factory Parramatta? Please just add a note that your gift is "For Western Sydney". Thank you!

All donations over $2 are tax deductible, and of course we will automatically send you a tax deductible receipt.


Give a unique gift this Christmas. For every donation of $20 or more made as a gift we'll send a special thank you - a summery card featuring a haiku from one of our students with personal thanks inside from Cath Keenan, co-founder and executive director. 

Just tell us who the card (or cards) should be written for, and where to send it. Give us all the necessary instructions in the form below.

Last cards despatched Friday 15 December. What are you waiting for?