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The Selfish Giant

Book Title: The Selfish Giant Author: Oscar Wilde Publisher: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 978-1-742-376-509 Reviewed by: William (11) In a small civilised village there was a selfish giant. The village children would go and play in his gigantic garden but one day the giant caught them and since he was selfish he shooed all the children out. He also built […]

A Bee in Ben's Bonnet

Book Title: A Bee in Ben’s Bonnet Author: Ferg McKinnon & Kim Gamble Publisher: Random House ISBN: 978-1-740-517-225 RRP: $11.95 Reviewed by: Jaidan (8) A Bee in Ben’s Bonnet is about a boy called Ben, he has a large family in a very large house and it’s Ben’s birthday but everyone’s busy. It has lots of sayings which makes the book […]

Do-Wrong Ron

Book Title: Do-Wrong Ron Author: Steven Herrick Publisher: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 978-1-865-086-613 Reviewed by: Zoe (9) This book is about a boy named Ron but he does everything wrong! Ron does the right things at the wrong time, and does the wrong thing at the right time. Ron doesn’t have any friends until he finds a guinea pig in […]

The Secret Garden

Book Title: The Secret Garden Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett Publisher: Hinker Books ISBN: 978-1-741-814-774 RRP: $10 Reviewed by: Phoebe (10) The main characters in the story are Mary Lennox, Dickon Sowerby and Colin Craven. The plot in the story is that Mary, Dickon and Colin find a magical garden that’s been locked away for 10yrs. I thought this book was awesome […]


Book Title: Copper Author: Kazu Kibuishi Publisher: Scholastic ISBN: 978-0-545-098-939 Reviewed by: Holly (8) I’m writing about Copper why? Because it is hilarious to read. Instead of reading an ordinary book this one has pictures on every page so its telling you what’s happening. What happens in the story? There is a boy called Copper and a dog called Fred. There […]

House of Secrets

Book Title: House of Secrets Author: Chris Columbus& Ned Vizzini Publisher: Harper Collins ISBN: 978-0-007-490-141 Reviewed by: Finbar (10) House of Secrets is a fantastic fantasy adventure full of pirates, pilots and witches. If you like fantasy stories then your going to love this book. After all, what can get more fantasy-tastical than a story about adventuring through books? When […]

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