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Just in time for the weekend, here’s another Radio with Pictures piece from our amazing students; this film documents the great battle of Candyland! Story and recording by Anika, Piper and Tane. Illustrations by Erin Dullard. Inspired by the original Radio with Pictures (

Hallow-Green Festival

On Saturday November 1 we were invited to host a stall at the Green Square Markets’ Hallow-Green Festival. Young people came by and wrote short spooky tales in ‘zine format, and this is what came out of it! Today is Halloween. I am dressing up as a skeleton. I have the best costume! My mum […]

Fred & Dave

On Wednesday September 3, our regular Free Writers Guild student Fred Bekker was personally invited by Dave Eggers to read this piece at Carriageworks during Dave’s sold-out talk for the Sydney Writers’ Festival. Fred conducted himself with great aplomb, dropping in jokes and reading like a pro. Here’s the story he read!   I’m not […]

The Selfish Giant

Book Title: The Selfish Giant Author: Oscar Wilde Publisher: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 978-1-742-376-509 Reviewed by: William (11) In a small civilised village there was a selfish giant. The village children would go and play in his gigantic garden but one day the giant caught them and since he was selfish he shooed all the children out. He also built […]

A Bee in Ben's Bonnet

Book Title: A Bee in Ben’s Bonnet Author: Ferg McKinnon & Kim Gamble Publisher: Random House ISBN: 978-1-740-517-225 RRP: $11.95 Reviewed by: Jaidan (8) A Bee in Ben’s Bonnet is about a boy called Ben, he has a large family in a very large house and it’s Ben’s birthday but everyone’s busy. It has lots of sayings which makes the book […]

Do-Wrong Ron

Book Title: Do-Wrong Ron Author: Steven Herrick Publisher: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 978-1-865-086-613 Reviewed by: Zoe (9) This book is about a boy named Ron but he does everything wrong! Ron does the right things at the wrong time, and does the wrong thing at the right time. Ron doesn’t have any friends until he finds a guinea pig in […]

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